Year 11 Cancelled Exams – DfE Update

This is to update you regarding the most recent information from the Department for Education (DfE) for schools about this summer examinations series. We ask for your patience in terms of further detail. Please be assured that as we receive it, we will keep you updated.

It has been confirmed that no exams will go ahead in the summer term even if school reopens to all pupils.

Teachers will be asked to submit their assessment of the likely grades students would have achieved, taking mock exams and any completed non-exam assessment into consideration. Ofqual have stated that they will also consider the following when calculating grades:

– your child’s prior attainment

– the school’s historical results

– other factors (which have not yet been specified)

The aim is to provide these calculated grades before the end of July. The DfE has confirmed that for pupils who feel their calculated grades do not reflect their performance, there will be the opportunity to appeal or to sit an exam as soon as is reasonably possible after schools and colleges open again, or sit exams in 2021.

Mrs J. McCluskey

Assistant Headteacher (Progress and Achievement)

Cancelled exams 21.03.2020