The weather forecast sometimes includes the likelihood of snow falls.  We would like to remind parents of the procedures for closing the school if this becomes a requirement.

Snow/School Closure Overnight

  • The decision about closure will be made as soon as possible
  • Please do not phone the school
  • A Text message will be sent to parents and an announcement will be made on Radio Sheffield, Dearne FM and on the school website

Snow/School Closure during the day

  • We monitor the weather conditions throughout the day and the school will send a text message to parents if the school has to close during the day

Secondary Phase Pupils

There is a permission slip for parents to sign in secondary phase pupil planners (page 13) that either gives permission for the child to be allowed to make their own way home in the event of a closure, or requires the child to be kept in school until collected.  Please check your child’s planner to ensure that this has been completed and signed.

As always when we are subject to snow the situation can change quickly with the weather conditions. Overnight snow does create problems at the start of the day as the salt used on roads works best when vehicles are running on the roads.  On such occasions we may take the decision to delay the start of the school day – and again this will be passed on to parents by text message.

Please do not phone the school. In the past the switchboard becomes jammed with parents asking if school is open – please see the text message for the confirmed position.  Please remember to keep the school up to date with contact numbers.