Photographic Consent in School

At Holy Trinity, we sometimes take photographs of pupils. We use these photos on display boards around school, in the school’s prospectus, in the school’s newsletters, on the school’s website and school Facebook page and Twitter account.

If we use photographs of individual pupils, we will not use the name of that child in the accompanying text or photo caption. If we name a pupil in the text, we will not use a photograph of that child to accompany the article. There may be occasions when we will ask individual parents / carers permission to put their child’s name alongside an image. E.g. if they have won an award.

We may take photos or make recordings of your child for assessment purposes. For example, photos in Learning Journeys and exercise books are used to record and celebrate children’s progress, particularly in the Foundation Stage and in Key Stage 1. These are sent home at the end of the year. Photos of individuals, groups or classes of children may appear in these records. In subjects such as Drama and PE, exam boards require recordings as evidence of performance at Key Stage 4.

From time to time, our school may feature in the media. Children may appear in images published in local or national newspapers, on approved websites or on television.

We would like your consent to take photos and recordings of your child, and use them in the ways described above. Consent can be refused or withdrawn at any time. If consent is withdrawn, we will delete the photograph or video and not distribute it further. Please note that we will not remove your child’s photograph from the management information system (SIMs) which is used for identification purposes as part of our daily processes.

You can download the consent form below to decide which if any consents you agree to.  You can change you mind at any time as per the instructions on the form.