Holy Trinity Academy has a Full Governing Body and two sub-committees to deal with specific topic areas relating to school issues. The sub committees are:

  • Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

  • Ethos, Welfare and Admissions

Committee Membership:

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum
Ethos, Welfare & Admissions
Mrs Debbie Cartwright Archdeacon Peter Townley
Mrs Sheila Armitage Mrs Sue Burton
Mrs Melissa Watkin Mrs Debbie Cartwright
Mrs Pat Hunter Mrs Lissa Oldcorn
Mrs Lissa Oldcorn  
Mrs Rebecca Asquith  

Committee Meeting Dates:

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum
Committee Attendance
21/10/2021 Mrs Debbie Cartwright, Mrs Sheila Armitage, Mrs Melissa Watkin, Mrs Pat Hunter, Mrs Lissa Oldcorn None
27/01/2022 Mrs Sheila Armitage, Mrs Rebecca Asquith, Mrs Pat Hunter, Mrs Lissa Oldcorn Mrs Debbie Cartwright, Mrs Melissa Watkin
19/05/2022 Mrs Sheila Armitage, Mrs Melissa Watkin, Mrs Lissa Oldcorn Mrs Pat Hunter, Mrs Rebecca Asquith, Mrs Debbie Cartwright


Ethos, Welfare & Admissions
Committee Attendance
04/11/2021 Ven Peter Townley, Mrs Sue Burton, Mrs Debbie Cartwright, Mrs Lissa Oldcorn  
10/02/2022 Postponed  


Committee Attendance
18/11/2021 Mrs Pat Hunter, Fr Brian Bell, Mrs Sue Burton, Mrs Rebecca Asquith, Mrs Lissa Oldcorn None


Full Governing Body
Committee Attendance
20/01/2022 Mrs Pat Hunter, Mrs Sheila Armitage, Mrs Debbie Cartwright, Mrs Sue Burton, Mrs Lissa Oldcorn, Mrs Melissa Watkin, Fr Brian Bell Ven Peter Townley, Mrs Rebecca Asquith


Link Governor Roles

In order to support the work of the sub-committees individual governors take a ‘lead’ on specific school issues and ‘link’ with the relevant staff members for that area of work. Following discussions with staff Link Governors provide reports that are submitted to committee meetings as well as the full Governing body.

Historically there were three Governor Committee Resources, Ethos and Teaching and Learning. During 2021-2022 a review of the Committee structure took place given the school is part of a Multi-Academy Organisation (MAT). Holy Trinity now has two Committees, Ethos and Teaching and Learning. At the same time the Governors reviewed the LINK Governor roles and extended the number of areas they would monitor. From June 2022 the LINK Governor roles are as follows;

The Holy Trinity Link Governors and the areas they take responsibility for are as follows:

Link Governor
Area of Responsibility
Rebecca Asquith
Shelia Armitage
Teaching and Learning
Literacy and Maths in Primary
Sue Burton Special Education Needs & Disability (SEND)
Debbie Cartwright Safeguarding
Looked after Children (LAC)
Behaviour and Attendance
Inclusion and Equality
Pat Hunter Health and Safety
Governor Training
Careers / PSHE
Pupil Premium
Archdeacon Peter Townley Religious Education
Pat Hunter
Sue Burton
Sheila Armitage
Head Teacher Performance / Staff Appraisals
Melissa Watkin Emotional Wellbeing