Fond Farewell to our Year 11 Students

With the unexpected decision announced on the evening of Wednesday March 18th to close schools until further notice we were rushed into making our Year 11 pupils’ last day in Holy Trinity a memorable one.

It was unfortunate that we had a planned INSET closure on Friday 20th March so staff quickly responded on Thursday morning preparing for the traditional Leavers’ Celebration by digging out those old photos of fresh faced 11 year olds in their new uniforms, funny photos from trips and classroom activities to go alongside the funny stories from the last 5 years of Holy Trinity life!  On arrival we gathered the pupils in the hall  to share a short liturgy with them and for Mrs Dickson to say a few words about how they have been a fantastic hard working cohort and a credit to the school throughout.  It was hard to accept that there would be no GCSE exams for which they have been working tirelessly and that this would be their last day.  There were many tears shed by both pupils and staff that morning before they went to lessons.

We allowed them to spend time together and many shirts were signed by pupils and staff.

The Leavers’ Celebration then took place in the afternoon with Mr Fox  (Head of year 11) and a large number of staff in attendance.  There was much laughter – mixed in with some tears – at the presentations on the big screen that Mrs Shaw and Mr Fox put together at such short notice.

We then gathered the pupils outside to recreate a photo taken 5 years ago, before they left the building in uniform for the last time, being clapped out by the staff.

We know we will be seeing them again on a  results day  and for a presentation evening later in the year, and we wish them all the best in this exciting next stage of their education.





They also gave a big wave to Mrs Dickson who retires at the end of the school year.