Arrangements from Monday 23rd March

Arrangements from 23-3-20

From 23rd March, almost all pupils will be working from home, completing the on-line work set be teachers.

Pupils will only be allowed to be in school if we have made prior arrangements for them to attend.

Please see below what you should do if your child is in school:
• Please come to main reception; primary reception is closed.
• If parents are bringing pupils into school, they should leave children at the reception door. We are asking parents not to enter the school building. Staff will be available to meet your children.
• All pupils should attend in full school uniform.
• Primary children who have been given a pack of work to complete by their teacher should bring their pack to school with them.
• Normal school rules apply at all times.
• Due to staffing levels in the kitchen, lunch provided will be a packed lunch.
• If you have booked for your child to be in school, but your child is ill or needs to self-isolate, or you have found alternative care for your child, please contact school via replying to any Schoolcomms message, or by text to 01226 610168 or call the reception desk 01226 704550.
Getting in touch with school
If pupils have questions of clarifications or require additional information about the work set, pupils may contact teachers as follows:
• Pupils can contact teachers in the secondary phase via email addresses which are within the subject folders in the “Home Study” area.
• Pupils / parents can contact teachers in the primary phase via class dojo.
Please note that contact should be made during normal school hours. Teachers will respond during normal school hours. Please be patient. Staff may have many messages to respond to, but will reply as soon as they can.
If you need to contact school for any other reason, please do so through Schoolcomms (school text), or by phoning 01226 704550.
Thank you for your cooperation during these difficult times. Please take care of yourselves.

A Dickson