Here at Holy Trinity we believe that effective teaching and learning is at the heart of a successful school. We believe that all members of the school community, including staff, have the right to learn and develop. As a result, our aim is to support colleagues in developing their work and encourage collaboration both within our school and beyond.

Teaching & Learning Magazine

Is a termly magazine that collates the best practice that exists within our school and investigates the most recent developments and research within education.

Issue 1 – The Snowflake Edition

Issue 2 – The Easter Edition

15 Minute Forums

These are micro training sessions that are led by our own practitioners within school.

So far this year sessions have been delivered on:

  • Teaching and learning Swap Shop
  • Solo Hexagons
  • IRIS Connect
  • Learning Mats to Improve Progress
  • Starters and Hooks for Learning
  • Improving Peer Assessment Through Gallery Critique
  • How to use QR Codes
  • Marking & Feeback Clinic

Teach Meet

This year Holy Trinity hosted the Barnsley Teaching School Alliance annual ‘Teach Meet.’

Teachers from across Barnsley came together to share best practice through a series of six minute micro presentations.