If my child is awarded a statement of SEND, how will they be supported in school?

We employ a team of Teaching Assistants (TAs) who work both in the classroom and all by withdrawing individuals or small groups to help your child make progress.

Your child will have a named keyworker TA who will support them in school. In the secondary  phase, the keyworker attends all meetings and communicates with parents if there is a concern. In primary this would be the role of the class teacher.

If your child has a physical disability s/he will be escorted to and from the taxi, travelling round the school building and supervised at breaks and lunchtimes. TA’s have high expectations of all students to enable all students to achieve the learning objective in lessons. Teaching staff plan lessons to make effective use of TA’s, therefore their impact is significant in contributing to the learning and achievement in our classrooms.

Several of the TAs are qualified to deliver the Catch Up Reading programme and Read, Write Inc which is delivered on a daily or weekly basis for 15 minutes

TAs also provide one-to-one literacy or numeracy intervention sessions during registration. This helps our SEND students in becoming more confident independent learners.

Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) teach small classes for specialised Literacy, Numeracy or Behaviour Interventions

A Senior TA is qualified to deliver Speech and Language Therapy.

An annual review meeting will be held to discuss progress and any changes that may need to be made to the statement. Parents, the keyworker TA and any outside professionals are invited to attend.

You will also receive regular reports about your child’s progress and will have an opportunity to talk to the SENCO and teachers at Parents’ Evenings.