Washington DC Mudslide

There was a massive natural disaster in the US state of Washington this weekend. The 117ft (54m) wall of mud covered and buried the town of Oso, the north of Seattle. Over 30 houses were left destroyed; survivors were pulled out on Saturday by 200 search and rescue workers aided by dogs, helicopters using laser imaging and excavation equipment. These workers have not let up since, resting only when darkness made the work too dangerous. The heavy rain caused the mudslide

A little 4 year old boy was rescued from the mudslide and was put into helicopter but his mother is not affected by the mudslide because she wasn’t at home by that time. Unfortunately, the team have failed to find his dad and his stepbrother.

There is more rain expected to come so there is a possibility of another mudslide. The rescue workers are losing hope now and they don’t think they are going to find anyone else and officials say they are as many as 176 people remaining missing after the mudslide. One of the rescue team said all he could find was his front door and no sign of his wife or children. President Obama asked everyone in America to send their thoughts and prayers to the victims. He said; ‘We know that part of this tightly knit community has been lost, we hope for the best, but recognise this is a tough situation.” Gail Moffett, a retired fire fighter, said she knew about 25 people who were missing, including entire families with young children.