Ukraine Crisis

The Ukraine crisis continues with major unease worsening over the last few days. The Ukraine has asked for international support from the USA and UK to use all measures necessary, including military to stop Russia’s aggression. A 6,000 man strong home guard to protect the Ukraine has been appointed; this has caused even more tension with Russian and Ukraine forces so close to each other. The Ukraine has started pulling families and soldiers from Crimea. Recently the European security organisation has sent a 100 monitoring squad into Crimea with Russia’s consent.

Tensions have been rising since the 6th of March, when the Crimean parliament voted to become part of Russia. Many events had led up to this including Russian forces being based in the Ukraine and a riot which ended with eighteen dead and hundreds injured.

Currently there are fears that Russia may send troops to other near locations, such as Moldova. Some believe that Russia may exploit its current position to expand its borders over other territories.  The belief is that there are sufficient grounds for concern due to the 1,000 man peacekeeping force currently in Moldova which, on a military point of view, is great enough for the initial thrust into Ukraine. This would cause further problems between Russia, the Ukraine and possibly America.