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Strike Action

Teachers in the NUT (National Union of Teachers) across England and Wales went on strike yesterday, meaning many schools across the country were closed. Opinions about the strike have been mixed, with several people voicing concerns over the amount of learning time lost to students. Others have been more sympathetic to the strikers. Teachers from Holy Trinity School were interviewed about the impact of the strike on parents, students and staff.

The strike has been called over the row about teachers’ pay, pensions and working conditions. Teachers have raised worries about longer working hours and low pay. One teacher for the school said that the strike was a “good idea” because it is a better way to get teachers’ points across. Another teacher said that they thought it was important to have a choice, but said that it was difficult for teachers who felt responsible for students’ grades.

Christine Blower, the general secretary for the NUT, has said if the conditions do not improve there may be more strikes further on in the year. Christine Blower said the strike was “a clear demonstration that teachers are tired of the intolerable pressures they are being put under” However David Laws, schools minister for the government, has said that teachers claims were “utter nonsense” and that their concerns were being listened to by the government.