What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium funding is allocated by the Government and targeted at pupils who are disadvantaged.

Pupil Premium funding is allocated to support pupils who are:

  • in receipt of Free School Meals
  • have been in receipt of Free School Meals at some time in the past 6 years
  • are looked after by the Local Authority
  • have been adopted from care or who left local authority care on a special guardianship order of child arrangements order

There is also a premium for children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces or who have served in the armed forces at any time during the last 6 years. This service premium is designed to address the emotional and social well-being of these pupils.

Nationally, statistics show that there is a gap between the attainment of pupils have been eligible for Free School Meals and those who have not. Nationally, children in these groups make slower progress and attain at lower levels than their peers. The government believes that allocating additional funds to schools, targeted at these pupils, will help to improve the attainment of those who fall behind. The Department for Education website says that the government believes that the Pupil Premium is “the best way to address current underlying inequalities between children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and their wealthier peers by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most.”

If your child is eligible for free school meals, please ensure that you have claimed your entitlement.

The Pupil Premium strategy for the current school year (2019-20) can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the link below together with a review of the previous school year’s Pupil Premium Strategy.

Sports Premium Grant (Primary Schools only)

What is the Sports Premium?

Sports Premium funding is allocated by the government and aimed at making additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport in primary schools, so that all pupils are encourage to develop healthy and active lifestyles. Please follow the link below for information on how this was used for the last academic year 2018-19.

Covid Recovery Strategy 2020-21

Our Covid Recovery Strategy outlines how we plan to reduce the impact of the Covid pandemic on our student’s education and grades.

Y7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch up Premium

What is the Y7 Catch-up Premium?

The Y7 catch-up premium is additional government funding to support pupils who did not achieve at least a level 4 in reading and / or mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2.