Why is there no parking for parents on the school site?

Planning restrictions which aim to encourage sustainable forms of transport are attached to Holy Trinity which does not allow for parking for parents.

Why can't parents use the spaces in the Staff Car Park?

The school have staff that start at different times of day after teaching starts and they have been unable to park and as a consequence arrive late for their role.  This includes catering staff, part time teachers, music teachers, cleaning and caretaking staff. Also staff frequently are off site at meetings then return to school and can’t park and end up late for their lesson. The staff car park is private land and covered by the insurance policy for the use of employees only.

I have a right to park at the school to bring my children to school!

The school site is private land. If someone came and parked their car on your drive at home you would be within your rights to have it removed as trespassing on your property – it is the same for Holy Trinity to remove any trespasses.

I have a child with a physical disability and I need to deliver and collect him/her to and from school. How can I do this?

We have identified the pupils with specific physical needs and a permit will be provided for these pupils to allow a vehicle on site and to use one of the six allocated bays at the front of the school.  Part of the problems over the time since we opened is that people who have no right to park in these spaces have been using them which impacts on the pupils with physical disabilities.

Why is school putting pupils at risk by making people park on the streets?

Holy Trinity has a responsibility for the safety of pupils (and others) on the school site. An updated Risk Assessment has been carried out on the site (not by the school incidentally).  This identified the number of vehicle movements on site, and the parking on paths, verges, crossing, zig-zags and double yellow lines as of a high likelihood of causing harm (risk rating 5) and that this harm (a child or a parent hit by a vehicle) has a high level of seriousness (could be fatal – risk rating 5) . The overall risk rating is  5X5 = 25.  This is the highest possible risk and we have to manage it down in any way we can as the measures we have already undertaken have had no effect in reducing this risk. The school is obligated to manage this risk to reduce the likelihood of it happening and of the harm that could result.

What else has the school done to manage the risk?

Shortly after we opened we installed speed bumps to reduce vehicle speeds, double yellow lines on the access roads, zig zags and a dedicated crossing. New foot paths have been made to keep people off the roads. Parking problems have been raised in numerous newsletters since we opened as well as text communications, web site articles and letter from the Headteacher. The designers were required to separate vehicles from pedestrians and on paper this has been achieved however this couldn’t take into account human nature.

We didn’t have this problem in Holy Cross/St Dominic’s/St Michael’s as there were fences and gates. Why didn’t Holy Trinity have something similar when it was built?

BMBC were clear that the new schools (including Holy Trinity) would be new centres of the community and that pedestrian access would be always available right up to the front door – without fences to restrict access.  There was no parent parking at any of the three schools that closed to become Holy Trinity.  At St Michael’s the gates were closed to all vehicles wanting to move on or off the site between the hours of 15.25 and 15.40 to manage the risk and separate pupils from vehicles.  A similar measure may also be introduced at Holy Trinity.

Why doesn’t school get someone in to ticket cars parked where they shouldn’t be?

The school is here to educate pupils not to run a car park. Our Facilities Management partner Carillion is again looking at a parking enforcement contractor (UK Parking) that will be able to enforce tickets and collect fines by photographic evidence alone.  This will run either in conjunction with the barrier system or instead of it. School will not receive any income from fines raised.

Who is paying for the staff controlling the barrier?

Carillion the FM partner – not the school.

Are the school just putting pupils more at risk by bad parking on the surrounding streets especially Carlton Road?

The BMBC parking enforcement and the police have the powers to deal with parking on the highways to prevent nuisance and ensure laws are upheld.

If the double yellow lines were removed and more bays made in the staff car park there would be more space for parents

The Staff car park bays are laid out to allow the school buses to safely turn and allow access to delivery vehicles and emergency vehicles. Likewise the double yellow lines are on the access roads and needed to prevent pupils being endangered by crossing through parked cars.

I have a blue badge and drive to collect my able bodied child(ren). Can I still drive onto the site?

If there is space in the visitor bays (but not the 6 bays for pupils with disabilities) then yes you will be allowed.

I see people misusing blue badges on the school site. Why doesn't the school do something about these?

BMBC who issue the blue badges in the borough have asked us to report misuse of blue badges – which could result in the loss of the badge.

I have to drive and park as there are no school buses that serve where I live.

While it is true that there are  a reduced number of school buses as these are run on a commercial basis by the various bus companies many of our pupils take a bus to the transport interchange and another service bus to school. Research for the school travel plan shows 80% of all our pupils live in the S71 post code – and 87% of our primary pupils live in this post code.

I have to drive as it isn't safe for my child to walk/cycle to school.

School provides storage for bikes as school (pupils to provide their own locks) and Bikability training is given to pupils in the Primary Phase.

Why did the Council put fences on the grassed area of school where I used to park?

The council identified this as risk to pedestrians as cars were driving off the grass across the pavements and onto Carlton Road.

Can I still park in the area signed 'Drop Off Only'?

No. This is for dropping off of pupils only as the name suggests.

I have legitimate business with the school. How will I get past the barrier staff?

The barrier staff will have a radio to call the reception desk and only those names who are on the list of arranged visitors will be allowed in – and only if space is available.

My child is collected by Taxi - will the taxi be able to park on the school site?

If the child is able bodied, no as the same rules apply to the taxi as to a private car. If the child has a physical disability and that is why the taxi is required to collect them then yes –  and their name will be on the list with the barrier staff. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Can the school ban parents from coming onto the school site?

The headteacher has always had this power under common law. The school may consider that aggressive, abusive or insulting behaviour, or language from a parent presents a risk to staff or pupils. In such a circumstance schools have a power in common law to bar the parent from the premises under the grounds of trespass and this would be pursued in the Civil Courts.

I am coming to Holy Trinity to spectate at a sporting event/worship/assembly. Can I park as it is during the day?

No, for all the reasons stated previously.