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Rachel Seward
Rachel SewardCandidate
The interest of my own three children’s education is one of my top priorities. I feel I can make a difference by being a good listener and a great team player in my job as a cleaner for roundhouse medical centre. I know the importance of data protection and equality. I like to see things from all areas and do my up most to make this world better for our children. My skills for this include being able to make people come together, not judging, respect, open minded whilst having the children’s best interest at heart I will always fight to give them a better, safer place which will enable them to achieve the best.
Kimberley McKenzie
Kimberley McKenzieCandidate
Hi my name is Kim. I currently have a child attending Holy Trinity, she is 4 years old and going into reception in September. I also have an older son who is 17 and currently at college studying animal welfare, agriculture And horticulture. We are a family of 4 and my partner is called Karl.

I have recently moved into the area and am keen to be involved in the community. I enjoy all outdoor activities and am currently signed up to do a sponsored walk up mount Snowdon for a charity called children with Cancer UK. Spending time with family and friends is a massive part of my life. I also volunteer at my local church’s Sunday school when I am needed.

I would love to become a parent governor to help support and decide how budgeting, staffing and policies are managed throughout the school to benefit everyone. As I do believe the parent opinions are very valuable and essential.

As I have mainly worked in customer facing and focused rolls I feel I am very confident in my communication skills. I am very approachable and love meeting new people. I also hold my level 2 teaching assistant, which I feel will be very valuable as it helps me to understand policies and procedures used within schools and understand how schools are managed.

I hope that I will be given the opportunity to be part of the school as I feel I can offer committed dedication to improve and help situations and decisions made.

Michaela Gallamore
Michaela GallamoreCandidate
I am a parent to 4 children, one of which attends Holy Trinity she is in year 10 and is coming up 15 Yr old. The other 3 now have children of their own, 1 of which is also attending Holy Trinity he is in year 2.

I attend St John’s church Carlton on a regular basis and am also a church warden which I enjoy. I like gardening and spending time with my family when I am not at work. I am employed by Visiting Angels in Sheffield as a team leader of caregivers.

I have a variety of skills which include good communication and documenting skills, I am kind, considerate and always into consideration others beliefs. I enjoy learning and often debate with my family over different matters including politics and religion.

My daughter has attended Holy Trinity since it opened and I have always had a good relationship with the teachers and support team within the school, I feel I would be a good candidate for parent Governor as I have a strong belief in the schools values and promote its teachings.

Jordan Walker
Jordan WalkerCandidate
My name is Jordan Walker, I am 26 years old. My child starts reception class in September. My hobbies include football, music, family time and I also like to do charity work for Sheffield Children’s Hospital and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

I have spent most of my working life in retail and food management and over the years developed very good people and management skills, which I think would make me a very approachable parent governor and help deliver what our children need from the school. I would love to be part of the parent governor team as I am very patient about creating a safe, enjoyable and rewarding school environment not only for my child but every child that attends Holy Trinity, because my child is a disabled child I think I could fetch a new outlook to the parent governor body to make sure our school is accommodating to all children from all walks of life.

Melissa Watkin
Melissa WatkinCandidate
I am a mother of two, my son has just completed the primary phase and is about to attend the secondary provision and my daughter is in key stage one.

The reason why I would like to apply for the post of parent governor is because of my huge passion for child health and equality. I am a qualified school nurse and work for our local council, I work very closely with local education settings ensuring that ALL children are supported holistically to ensure that they are able to reach their full potential.

I am an advocate for child and family rights and as a school governor I would ensure that all my decision making would be made with the best intentions leading to the best outcomes for the children. I have a vast amount of evidence based knowledge when it comes to family support and interventions and also an array of experience regarding the inequalities our young people face at both local and national level. I love being a school nurse and feel that I can take my passion and my experience and utilise it within the parent governor role. I work very closely with many of the local organisations who work closely with education and other children services such as SENDIAS, Educational Welfare, Family support services just to name a few. I love my children and feel that being part of the school that I will not only be able to act as an advocate for your children but also my own. I have the skills to develop good therapeutic working relationships with both school staff and parents to ensure the best outcomes for all involved.

I feel that as a professional myself who already works within the education remit and also being a parent who has a particular interest in my children’s education that I can look at situations from both a professional stance and from that of a parent. I understand that each child is individual, that each family is unique, I understand the struggles our young people face in a complex society filled with inequality, poverty and numerous other social determinants of health.

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