School Gateway Question

Why cant I create a School Gateway account?

The schools contact details must match yours. Make sure the email and mobile number we have is correct.

What happens once I create a School Gateway account?

Once you create an account you will receive a pin by text to your mobile. Log in with your email and the pin you receive.

What should I do if I cant create a School Gateway Account?

If you contact the school, someone will walk through the process with you.


Failed Online Payment

What happens if an Instant Bank Transfer payment online fails?

Once the payment fails, the amount you put on gets deducted back off your child’s account.

Why has my Instant Bank Transfer payment failed?

If a online payment fails, you need to contact your bank and ask them why. A failed payment has nothing to do with the school.

How long does it take for your online payment transaction to be updated for a failed payment?

It takes between 5 – 6 working days before the school and parent receive a notification of a failed payment.

What can I do if I cant make a online payment?

You can give your child cash to bring into school or ring school and ask them to put some money on.

Does the account holder get notified if a payment has failed?