Head Boy & Girl

This year has been less than ideal. Since the news we received, just after the Christmas holidays hit, it seemed we were going back to a time where the weeks were never-ending. This was hard for everyone, some more than others, but overall, we have proved that this time around that we will not let this inconvenience get us down. We stood up and poured our hearts and souls into proving that we are still able to achieve our potential and greatness, even if it is still all online, we will come back from the half term ready to carry on with all our goals and aspirations.

Personally, I found it easiest to get everything done by planning and sticking to a routine, it does not matter what your routine looks like, you might wake up at 6 am or 9 am but what does matter is that you stick to it consistently. This will ensure that you get everything done. It is very important that you include time for leisure into your routine, there is no need to work yourself silly. Whatever way you choose to spend your time, always remember to reward all the great effort and dedication you put into making each day count.

Despite all the stress and confusion, there are also many positive things that have come out of this time off. For one, we would like to congratulate all teachers for working so hard, trying to get us through this, as well as themselves, with the best grades possible and persevering through the tech problems. We all cannot express how thankful we all are for your combined hard work. We would also like to say a special congratulations to Miss Walker with her new job title we wish you good luck and all the best.