Rosie Longley (Year 9) and Eva Longley (Year 6) are continuing to experience success  in competitive Kickboxing at the highest level. Rosie managed a gold in light continuous kickboxing, then a silver in full contact, then she made the final of K1 but had to pull out as her leg was badly bruised so couldn’t kick with it. As a consequence of not being able to fight she was awarded a silver. With her not being able to use her leg properly her coach entered her into the boxing category which she’d never done before, but she adapted and again won gold !

At the presentation she was awarded another belt for being the best female competitor at the tournament, which saw hundreds of kids and adults there so is a very high accolade.

Eva was entered into 1 category and made the final but lost a very close fight, taking a silver home.

Well done girls.