Full Governing Body

Thursday 10 September 2020Ordinary Governing Body Meeting
Thursday 10 December 2020Ordinary Governing Body Meeting
Thursday 18 March 2021Ordinary Governing Body Meeting
Thursday 8 July 2021Ordinary Governing Body Meeting

Resources Committee

Thursday 17 September 2020Resources Committee
Thursday 26 November 2020Resources Committee
Thursday 11 March 2021Resources Committee
Thursday 1 July 2021Resources Committee

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Committee

Thursday 22 October 2020Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Committee
Thursday 28 January 2021Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Committee
Thursday 20 May 2021Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Committee

Ethos, Welfare & Admissions Committee

Thursday 5 November 2020Ethos,  Welfare & Admissions Committee
Wednesday 9 December 2020Secondary Admissions Sub Committee
Thursday 11 February 2021Ethos,  Welfare & Admissions Committee
Thursday 10 June 2021Ethos,  Welfare & Admissions Committee

*Unless indicated meetings are scheduled to begin at 5.00pm and end by 7.00pm.

Mrs D Cartwright
Mrs A Dickson
Mrs S Armitage
Mr N Fletcher
Mrs S Burton
Mrs J Willis
Fr B Bell
Mrs P Hunter
P Townley
Fr D Brett
Mrs S Walker
Mrs R Asquith
Mrs Hayes
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