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My name is Pat Hunter and I feel very privileged to be the Chair of Governors at Holy Trinity. Governors are volunteers whose main role is to work with the school to make sure that all the children attending Holy Trinity receive the best education in a supportive and safe setting. I grew up in Athersley (North and South) I still live locally.  I am a qualified nurse and my working life has been spent working in a variety of roles in the NHS.

I want to make sure that you are all clear about the role of the governing body and what the schools vision is. The Governing body is made up of eleven people from a range of backgrounds and we all have different skills but none of us could do our job without the expertise of the Lissa Oldcorn the head, her leadership team and all the other staff working at the school. 

As you know our school is very unique because we are the only school in the country that teachers children aged 3-16 and is a joint Catholic and Church of England school. This means our governor membership is also unique, we have 4 practising Catholic and Church of England members plus 2 parent governors and one staff governor. The staff do not have to practice either faith are asked to respect our ethos and be willing to participate in what we do.

I think one of the most important things you need to know is that the Governors work as a team. We are not a collection of individuals with separate agenda’s. However much we may differ in our opinions and experiences we are united by our commitment to the school and the responsibility we share for the school’s long term success. The main role of the governors is to promote accountability.

Governing bodies have three main functions and must ensure that:
  • Everyone associated with the school understands the school’s vision and ethos for your children
  • Support is provided to the Head Teacher to ensure that your children realise their potential and that all staff are supported and trained to achieve this.
  • Funding is well spent.
They also carry out a number of other important duties which include:
  • Hearing appeals and grievances
  • Forming policy on the schools curriculum and collective worship
  • Setting standards for pupils behaviour and discipline
  • Monitoring and setting the schools aims and polices.
  • Monitoring specific areas of work e.g health and safety / safeguarding
To enable the Governors to carry out our work we have three committees:
  • Resources
  • Ethos Welfare and Admissions
  • Teaching and Learning

We also have a Full Governing Body meeting. Each of these meetings take place every term. Governors also visit school at other times.

Everyone at Holy Trinity wants to give your child the best possible chance in life to succeed and with the right commitment from everyone, governors, the staff and yourselves we will make this happen.

At the moment we all face extra and different types of challenges because of COVID. All the staff are working hard to ensure that every child receives the support they need in these difficult times. As you would expect at the moment the Governors are working from home and are holding our meetings remotely.

I am sure we all want to return to all our children coming into school and being able to participate in all the usual activities our school provides.

If you have any comments or questions about the work of governors I would be more than happy to talk to you. You can contact via the form below.

Pat Hunter

Chair of Governors

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