As part of our topic around life cycles we took part in a chick hatching programme.

The children first learnt about the life cycle of a chicken and were taught key words to use- hen, rooster, incubator, brooder, pipping, dander, egg toothy, etc.

They then had the excellent opportunity to see the first signs of hatching (pipping) and the moments of wonder when they actually hatched out.

The next stage involves the children actually taking care of the chicks, holding them and watching them grow. This is an amazing stimulus for their learning, including writing. With is being a first hand experience the knowledge the children acquire is long lasting.

The awe and wonder in our room at this time of year is phenomenal for children past and present, parents, staff- including the caretakers and SMSA’s! It is indeed a wonderful experience to witness the joy of new life and God’s creation with the added responsibility of animal care.  It creates memories to treasure for life and a sense of wellbeing throughout.

All of our chicks are rehomed and we get regular updates of their progress which keeps the experience alive!