Department for Education Statutory Information is provided here. This information is available within our website but it has also been compiled here for ease of access.

School Contact Details
Holy Trinity Catholic and Church of England School
Carlton Road,
South Yorkshire,
S71 2LF

Tel: 01226 704550

Please address any enquires to Mr Lodge. Emails can be sent to:

Mrs A Dickson

Chair of the Governing Body
Mrs P Hunter
Please address correspondence for the Chair of Governors to the school address.

SEND co-ordinator (SENDCO)
Mrs A Talbot


Admission policy
Full information of our admissions arrangements can be found here

Exclusion policy
Our policy for excluding pupils can be found here

Ofsted reports

Holy Trinity has not been inspected by Ofsted since it converted to become  an academy in May 2018. The Ofsted Website can be found from this link Ofsted

Exam and Assessment Results

Early Years, Key stage 1 and 2 (end of primary phase) results
Information on our most recent Early Years, KS1 and KS2 asessments can be found here

Key stage 4 (end of secondary school) results
Information on our most recent KS4 examination results can be found here

Performance tables
Our Department for Education performance tables can be found here

Information on our curriculum in the primary phase can be found here

Information on our Phonics Scheme can be found here

Information on our curriculum we offer to KS3 & KS4 including GCSEs courses available to pupils can be found here

Information about how our curriculum promotes preparation for and appreciation of life in modern Britain and our British Values curriculum can be found here

Please address any enquiries about our curriculum to Mrs T Dolan.

Emails can be sent to:

Behaviour policy

Our Behaviour policy can be found here

Our anti-bullying policy can be found here

Pupil Premium and Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium
Our report for 2019-20 Pupil Premium can be found here

Our report for  Y7 Catch-up Strategy can be found here

Sports Premium grant
Our review of Sports Premium Funding and strategy for 2018-19 can be found here

Year 6 Swimming Competency
The information on the swimming competency of Y6 children (2019) can be found here

The competency of the 2020 year 6 children has not been collected to date due to the pandemic related school closure.

Trade Union Facility Time
The information on Trade Union facility time for relevant employees can be found here

Gender Pay Gap
The Gender Pay Gap Report for the HSPAT on the snapshot date of 5th April 2019 can be access on the link below
Gender Pay Gap – Hallam School’s Partnership Academy Trust

GDPR & Data Protection

Information on GDPR and Data Protection can be found here

Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Our SEN policy can be found here

Our SEND report can be found here

Accessibility plan for disabled pupils
Our Accessibility Plan can be found here

Equality objectives
Our equality objectives and diversity statement can be found here

Complaints policy
Our complaints policy can be found here

Governors’ information and duties
Information on our governors’ information and interests can be found here

Charging and remissions policy
Our charging and remissions policy can be found here

Provider access policy
Our provider access policy can be found here

Values and ethos
Holy Trinity is the only voluntary aided 3-16 Catholic and Church of England school in the country. We offer a unique opportunity for pupils to explore their spiritual lives through the Christian faith as expressed in the Catholic and Church of England traditions.

Our British Values Statement can be found here

Whistle-blowing Policy

Our Whistle-blowing Policy can be found here

Academy Sponsor
The Hallam Schools’ Partnership Academy Trust
Diocese of Hallam Pastoral Centre
St Charles Street
South Yorkshire
Tel: 01142 2566401

Requests for copies
Paper copies of information on the site are available on request. Requests can be sent to: