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Head Girl Ella Gruszyk gave the following account of her experience as a Student at Holy Trinity

“I am very proud to be a student at Holy Trinity, where children are given fantastic opportunities to achieve and reach their full potential. Through the dedication of our wonderful, skilled teachers and staff, all students who attend our school will develop academically and their individual talents will be recognized and shine through.”

“Through hard work and commitment to the school, I believe that if we all aim high then we will achieve and succeed as the school enables us, and constantly guides us along the way! Success with our school is always acknowledged.  Sometimes students who are quieter yet consistently producing good work might go unnoticed, however at Holy Trinity we have a fabulous rewards system to make sure that everyone’s efforts and achievements are celebrated throughout the year.”

“Lessons within our school are excellent: there is a varied programmed including interactive, team working and individual tasks in lessons. The amount of support received is truly outstanding”

“Behavior at Holy Trinity is established at a high standard and based around the golden rule to treats others as you would like to be treated, and respect one another.  All students are expected to show good behavior both inside and outside of the classrooms  – producing the best environment for learning and the best out of everyone. Our students are sensible, respectful and work hard to achieve our best and this was reflected in the most recent Ofsted report. Those who might try to distract others during lessons are always removed so others can continue learning with as little disruption as possible.”

“I believe that our school as created and maintained the ideal learning environment, with students having a supportive relationship with their peers and staff. There are many people within the school who are dedicated to make sure everyone feels welcome and is taken care of. Students can volunteer to become a ‘Befriender’, and then in time to be a ‘Buddy’ – roles that are vital to the safe and secure environment and provide people that our student can relate to. Along with the prefects in senior years, there is  always friendly and and[approachable face to turn to!”

“It is the duty of all members of staff to protect our children from bullying. I don’t doubt that incidents of bullying do occur – as they happen in every school – but how they are dealt with is what makes the difference in Holy Trinity. No incident of bullying is left unresolved and the bully is dealt with appropriately. Pupils feel safe in school thanks to the great safeguarding policies and procedures introduced by the team. Pastoral care is also widely available through the wonderful Learning Mentor Elaina who offers support to every student in the school! If you ask any of the students I strongly believe they will be confident of someone to turn to in school whatever the issue.”

Head Boy Thomas Mok  spoke to potential students about Holy Trinity

“To be or not to be a Holy Trinity Student – that is the question? To which I think the answer is YES and be a Holy Trinity student as your hard work will be rewarded throughout the school. At several points in the year small parties are held to celebrate your progress and achievement in lessons – and also your attendance, for you need to present in body and mind to gain the most from your education. Through the support, advice and guidance given by the staff you can be the best you can be. Not just academically but out of school as well. Holy Trinity provides some wonderful opportunities to  take part in trips that will help mould you into the  person you are and provide memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.”

“Every year we do a campaign drive to support the CRY IN THE DARK CHARITY    including a trip to Romania to the help the charity provide practical help  for some of Romania’s most vulnerable people, and as a result make a real difference to these people’s lives. We also have links with the Archbishop of York Youth Trust with many students taking part each year in the scheme to build leadership skills, confidence and team working and to gain the Young Leaders Awards. Through the Youth Trust we now take part in their pilgrimage to the Taizé community n France and gain from the experience and  the new challenges that result, all whilst bonding with similar students from around the world! It is a truly amazing experience and will really inspire you, as young people, to come back with a fresh mindset, more refreshed and relaxed than before.”

“There is also the annual Pilgrimage to Lourdes in France with students form other school in the Diocese of Hallam. Not only do our students provide help and physical assistance to more elderly pilgrims but get to meet people from around the world and learn about the cultures.”

“So students at Holy Trinity get to achieve not just GCSE’s but also life experiences that will remain close to their heart for a lifetime”


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