Congratulations to everyone involved in last week’s Christmas Fair. So far we have raised a massive £2678.55. Our thanks go out to the pupils, parents, grandparents and carers that supported this event and the hard work put in by the staff on the day and beforehand to make it happen.

Below are the winning raffle ticket numbers. Please bring any winning tickets to Primary Reception to claim your prize either at the start or the end of the school day.

CHRISTMAS RAFFLE PRIZE WINNERS  2017 (each ticket has a unique security number at the top- these must match to claim a prize)
No Colour Security no
1ST PRIZE 794 PINK TRIM AD 593440 Luxury hamper-including a Stan plus Stan £149 voucher
2ND PRIZE 627 WHITE AC841069 Chocolate hamper -including a Stan plus Stan £149 voucher
3RD PRIZE 770 GREY/WHITE AB73507 Sunday carvery for 2 a The Full House plus a Stan plus Stan £149 voucher
4TH PRIZE 446 GREEN TRIM AC 411967 Stan plus Stan voucher for £149
5TH PRIZE 510 YELLOW AB745809 Tesco Hamper
6TH PRIZE 414 GREEN TRIM AC411967 Bottle of whiskey
7TH PRIZE 873 PINK TRIM AD593440 £10 Amazon voucher
8TH PRIZE 522 GREEN TRIM AC411967 £10 Amazon voucher
9TH PRIZE 894 PINK TRIM AD593440 Family Bowling Voucher
10TH PRIZE 425 YELLOW AB745809 Family Bowling Voucher
11TH PRIZE 402 GREEN AB673320 Family Bowling Voucher
12TH PRIZE 192 BLUE TRIM AC604603 Family bowling Voucher
13TH PRIZE 721 WHITE AC841069 Bottle of wine
14TH PRIZE 470 GREEN TRIM AC411967 Thornton’s Liquor Chocolates
15TH PRIZE 420 GREEN AB673320 Biscuits