In preparation for  the upcoming GCSE examinations,  Holy Trinity would like to invite you and your year 11 child to two workshops that will be held on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd March 2017.  Both evenings will commence at 5:45pm and will finish at approximately 7pm.

GCSE Mathematics Parent/Pupil Revision Workshop – Tuesday 21st March 2017

The first workshop will be focused on revision strategies for your child’s GCSE mathematics examination where our Head of Mathematics, Mr Longley, will be showing some methods of mathematics revision and discuss how students may learn best at home.  There will be practical advice for both parents and students alike.  Maths revision booklets will be used with reference to internet based learning where both parents and students can participate in the activities.  This will give parents an update on the methods currently used at Holy Trinity and highlight how you can support your child.

GCSE English Language Parent/Pupil Revision Workshop – Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Miss Walker  (Head of English) will be talking parents and pupils through the two English Language exams. There will be practical advice for both parents and students alike.  Miss Walker will be using workbooks during the sessions where, again, both parents and students will be able to participate. This will help parents to understand the expectations of the different questions and hopefully provide some strategies that they can use to support their children with during the upcoming period of revision. This is a really good opportunity to see what your children will be expected to do during their GCSE exam and also for you to gain some hints and tips about how you can support their study and success in this qualification.

On both evenings, prior to the revision workshops, Mr. Towers (Head of Year 11) will give parents information and feedback regarding the recent Mock Examination Self-Assessment Questionnaire that the pupils completed, as well as details of the subsequent Learner Profiles that have been compiled for each pupil, to assist them further with their final preparation in the lead up to the GCSE examinations.

We hope that you will be able to attend these workshops which we think will be really beneficial for your child in preparation for their examinations.