Today, ballot papers have gone home with all pupils for the election of two Parent Governors to the Governing Body of Holy Trinity.

There are 6 candidates for the two vacant posts. Each Parent/Carer has a vote and so two ballot papers have been distributed to each pupil, together with short statements from the candidates.

Click on the link below to read the personal statements from the candidates.

Personal Statements

You may cast one vote for each of the two governor vacancies – a total of two votes per ballot paper.

The ballot paper should be returned to the school by post, or in person, or by means of a registered pupil of the school no later than 4pm on Tuesday February 28th 2017. The locked ballot box is located at the main reception desk.

The votes will be counted on March 1st 2017 at 9.00 am using the following guidelines:

The headteacher is responsible for determining the validity of dubious or spoilt ballot forms, and may also seek advice from the Local Authority.

The headteacher and one other independent witness will count the votes in the presence of the parent governor nominees, if they choose to attend. The successful candidate(s) shall be the one(s) with the most votes regardless of whether or not these are a majority of the votes cast. In the event of a tie, the candidates concerned will draw lots to decide the matter.

The headteacher will, after the result of the election

· inform the nominees that they are successful, and are now members of the governing body (if they are not present at the counting of the ballot papers;

· inform the unsuccessful nominees (if they are not present at the counting of the ballot papers;

· write to all parents of registered pupils at the school informing them of the outcome;

· inform the clerk to governors and the chair;

· inform the Local Authority.

The ballot papers will be retained securely at the school for a reasonable period after the election.