We have been informed by SYPTE that a commercial operator is to run a school bus service from Cudworth to Holy Trinity via Shafton and Carlton to the timetable/pick up points below.

This is great news as only recently we were told that the service would end.

Route 34S


Cudworth Barnsley Rd / Manor Rd      08.07                          15.43

Pontefract Rd/ Albert Street                 08.10                          15.41

Shafton   High Street                            08.12                           15.39

Dog Hill                                            08.16                           15.37


Royston    Cross Lane                               08.21                           15.31

Park View                                                 08.23                            15.29

Midland  Rd                                              08.25                            15.27

Royston Lane                                             08.28                            15.25


Holy Trinity School                                   08.35                             15.20





Dear S Barber, Re: NEW BUS 34s (Cudworth – Shafton – Carlton – Holy Trinity School)

Further to my previous email, SYPTE has continued to engage with bus operators and we are pleased to advise that Watersons has informed us that they will continue to run a bus service from Cudworth – Shafton – Carlton – Holy Trinity School from the start of the new academic year. This new service will be numbered bus 34s and Watersons will operate it on a commercial basis to the route and timetable attached.

I would be grateful for your assistance in communicating this news to parents or guardians of children living in Cudworth and Shafton that may use the service.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Kind regards,


Corporate Communications & Engagement

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive

11 Broad Street West

Sheffield S1 2BQ