Holy Trinity U13 girls team were competing in the regional round of the EFL girls cup at Sheffield Wednesday FC’s training ground. They had qualified for the tournament back in January and were now one of the best 4 school teams in the North of England. Being the first team to ever represent Barnsley at this level, the girls knew that they had done really well to get there but still wanted to go further. Knowing that the winner of this tournament would go through to the final at WEMBLEY STADIUM!

The girls were matched against teams from Blackburn, Shropshire and Peterborough, all top teams with top academy players,  – and Shropshire were the reigning national champions!

The format of the tournament meant each team played every team twice and the overall winner went through to the final.

The girls started slowly, and lost the first 3 games, 2 of them by only 1 goal, however they rallied together in the second round and won the next three games to finish second, a great achievement but bittersweet as the girls had the beating of all of the teams.

This means that the team are officially ranked as one of the TOP 4 in the country, a massive achievement and one that no other Barnsley school has produced in this tournament.  Mr Smith  said of the achievement  “As your teacher I was immensely proud of the way your played and the attitude you showed. You certainly lived by our FAITH motto on the day!”



Well done to Abi, Marcie ,Amie, Lucy, Lily, Leoni, & Rosie!